What made you try martial arts alongside traditional workouts or just going to the gym?

The desire to try martial arts (kickboxing / muay thai) has been with me since my early 20s, I think. However, various fears held me back. For example fear of unknown things and new people, fear that I couldn’t handle the technique or wouldn’t be good enough.

So it was important to find a coach that I liked and could be comfortable with. 

In my 30s, a side of me was activated that wanted to try new things and do everything I’ve always secretly wanted to try even for just once, because otherwise, I wouldn’t know if I would actually like it.  

So basically in other words, life guided me to this world. In martial arts, I was primarily drawn to the fact that even a petite woman as I, can feel (and not just feel but BE) strong and skilled. You learn skills that could be useful in dangerous situations.

Additionally, I liked that this kind of training is never boring or monotonous, and you continuously learn and grow!

What are the physical/mental changes?

Physically, a lot improved – there’s more endurance, the percentage of body fat has reduced significantly while muscle tone increased (which has been much harder to achieve with other workouts).

There’s more strength, more energy, and improved coordination. In addition to the physical improvements, martial arts also provide self-confidence, which others notice too (change in your posture and presence).

Furthermore, martial arts are a great way to release daily tensions and reduce stress.

How many classes do you attend, and do you feel tired or energized after them?

Currently, I regularly attend three classes – kickboxing (1 personal session per week), krav maga (2 group classes per week), and yoga (2-3 times a week, sometimes individual, sometimes in a group). 

After the kickboxing classes, I feel more energy and lightness rather than tiredness. Even if it’s an extremely intense workout, I always feel great afterward!

Why have you chosen to train in the field of martial arts?

I like how it affects me. Even when I’m tired or in a bad mood, I always go to the training and give it my all. 

And I always leave the training feeling better than when I entered the boxing gym.

I feel more balanced and confident in everyday life. Additionally, even outside of the training, I feel like a real-life superhero, or like Lara Croft, or a character from a John Wick movie. 

Client: Greta Kurt
Photographer: Annika Erik

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