Advanced Program

Okay-okay, I get you, You’re a Badass already. But lets spice it up a bit, what ya think? If you’re ready to challenge yourself with these kickboxing style workouts, step in to the ring! With advanced kickboxing techniques, powerful punches, and explosive kicks, we’re turning up the intensity and pushing your limits. Plus, get ready to add some weights into the mix, maximizing your results and sculpting your body to perfection.

This course is for those who crave the thrill of pushing beyond their comfort zone. As experienced kickboxers and fitness enthusiasts, we know you’re hungry for more. That’s why I wanted to create this program to challenge ourselves mentally and physically.

We do less talking and more actions! It’s time to sculpt, sweat and forget about all the world problems!

15 - 25 min

Preferably boxing bag + weights (5kg-10kg)

Boost strength, level-up kicks & punches


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