It’s true that many women actresses have taken up boxing or kickboxing training before their movies, and there are a few reasons for this trend.

So why is that?

Firstly, combat sports training, such as boxing or kickboxing, can help actresses develop physical fitness, strength, and endurance. These skills can be crucial for performing demanding action sequences in movies. Boxing and kickboxing workouts are intense and can provide a great cardiovascular workout, improve overall conditioning, and help develop muscle tone.

By undergoing this training, actresses can better prepare themselves for physically demanding roles.


Secondly, learning boxing or kickboxing techniques can enhance an actress’s ability to perform fight scenes realistically. By gaining a foundation in these combat sports, they can understand the mechanics of punches, kicks, and defensive maneuvers, making their fight scenes more convincing and engaging for the audience.

It allows them to execute choreographed sequences with precision, fluidity, and confidence.

Personal growth and self-confidence

Moreover, boxing and kickboxing training can also contribute to an actress’s overall personal growth and self-confidence. Learning and mastering a combat sport can instill discipline, mental focus, and self-belief, which can positively impact their performances on screen.

It can also help them feel empowered, as they acquire skills traditionally associated with strength and resilience.

Better performance 

Lastly, the popularity of women’s combat sports, such as women’s boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), has increased significantly over the years. This rise in interest has opened up opportunities for actresses to portray strong, physically capable female characters in action-oriented films.

By training in boxing or kickboxing, actresses can develop the physicality and skills necessary to convincingly portray such characters, catering to the demand for more diverse and empowered representations of women in movies.

Many Victoria’s Secret models choose kickboxing as their main training for several reasons. Hereby I am not trying to say in any ways that VS models are the ideal form of a woman body, BUT we all know the hassle and eliminations they go through to get on the stage, which is why it is crucial for them to be in a fantastic physical shape and appearance.

So how does kickboxing trainings help models and actresses?


  1.  Full-body workout: Kickboxing is an excellent form of exercise that engages the entire body. It combines elements of cardio, strength training, and flexibility, providing a comprehensive workout. Supermodels often prioritize maintaining a toned physique, and kickboxing helps them achieve this by burning calories, toning muscles, and improving overall body composition.
  2. Core strength and stability: Kickboxing requires core engagement for balance and stability during strikes and kicks. Having a strong core is essential for supermodels as it helps improve posture, enhances body control on the runway, and adds confidence to their overall presence.
  3. Stress relief and mental well-being: Kickboxing is an intense physical activity that can serve as a great stress reliever. Supermodels often lead demanding lifestyles, filled with travel, photo shoots, and public appearances. Engaging in kickboxing allows them to release pent-up energy, improve their mood, and enhance mental well-being.
  4. Self-defense and empowerment: Kickboxing training equips individuals with self-defense skills, and supermodels may find value in learning how to protect themselves. It can also contribute to a sense of empowerment, as kickboxing promotes confidence, assertiveness, and a strong mindset.
  5. Variety and challenge: Kickboxing offers a dynamic and varied workout routine. Supermodels often require diversity in their training to prevent boredom and continually challenge their bodies. Kickboxing allows them to learn new techniques, improve coordination, and stay motivated by continuously pushing their limits.
  6. Body sculpting: Kickboxing can help supermodels achieve a lean and toned physique. The dynamic movements involved in kickboxing work different muscle groups, promoting muscle definition and a sculpted appearance.
  7. Endurance and stamina: As supermodels often engage in long hours of shooting and runway shows, building endurance and stamina is essential. Kickboxing workouts involve high-intensity intervals and continuous movement, helping to improve cardiovascular fitness and stamina.

Overall, kickboxing offers a combination of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that are highly beneficial to actresses and supermodels. It provides an effective full-body workout, strengthens the core, offers stress relief, enhances self-defense skills, and contributes to a sense of empowerment.

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